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High Efficiency & Best Quality

Our systems are the most efficient because we attend intersolar exhibition in munchen - germany every year, all ancient companies around the world offer their products and system so we can chose the the best devices that way we are up to date with new technologies and inventions in solar energy world that way we always provide The highest efficiency

support & maintenance

We give warranty on every single device that we sale to our customer, and when any problems occur we go right away to fix the issue no matter when and where the problem is, even after warranty finishes for specific device we offer maintenance with minimum cost to support our customers

Minimum cost

We provide minimum cos because we import directly from ancient companies, and our main objective is to solve our citizen electricity problems by propagating solar systems, and reducing the load on utility to fulfill the power needed for hole country, that why we sale our systems with minimum cost

Heating water

Now you can boil water without electricity

We are the only agents of "Erslan" turkish company in iraq that export solar heaters for more than 50 countries, the quality of products is on germany standards, and we provide several solutions for homes and factories to boil the water with sun power

Producing electricity

Produce electricity from sun and wind

We can generate electricity for houses and factories and companies and farms to run water pumps, using several solutions with sun power and wind power, with hybrid and on-grid and off-grid systems to provide the optimum solution to our customers

Our Recent Projects

No Batteries

We offer the best systems for farms that works without batteries, because usually farmers are not watering at night, that will makes the system very stable.

Very long age

The approximate age of solar panels is 50 years and solar panels are 95% of the system this makes the system to last for very ling time

simple & cheap

The installation is very simple and easy and approximately there is no issues after installation at all, and system cost is very reduced as we remove batteries because they take 50% or more of system's overall cost and also the inverters are cheper and more efficient and comes with build in soft starts that makes age of water pum much longer

70 KW solar system

Helping immigrants

solar system for supermarket

From sun
From sun
From sun
From wind

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