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Al-hadbaa Company

Saad M. Sh. allganam

since its established in 1991, it became a famous name in the field of electronic industry and technology, renewable energy and power-providing stations. It is also active in trade and general contracting in Mosul/Iraq, Erbil/Iraq and other countries such as the United Arab Emirates - Dubai and had worldwide dealings in many countries such as Syria, Turkey, India, Jordan, Europe, China and Taiwan. We are officially registered in the Ministry of Planning as well as in the Chamber of Commerce: ALHADBAA Modern Co. Ltd. for General Trading & Contracting - excellent class. Construction-first degree and Electric and Mechanic third class. Our main focus is in the field of electrical and electronics. In recent years, we witnessed a remarkable breakthrough in electronics designs and products development, electrical and electronic materials, laboratories testing equipment and renewable energy.

ALHADBAA Modern Company for General Trading and Contracting Ltd.: The Ministry of Planning classified ALHADBAA Company as first class in 2009 with a capital of three billion Iraqi Dinars in the field of contracting and trade and in 2012 with a capital of five billion dinars. The contracting and trade section of the company has various aspects of contracting and trading including building schools and intersections with the required infrastructure for installing traffic-lights systems. It also deals in trades of laboratory electronic devices and testing equipment. We supply all electrical wiring requirements of insulators, wires and cups for both high and low tension power stations. We also has a cadre specialized in setting up power plants, electrical equipment and large generators, as well as a special section with a specialized team for the installation of solar and wind power systems with the brand Infinity Green Power.

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generating electricity from solar energy

the main use of solar systems is to generate a clean electric, our company is working widely on this field and installed supplied near 2,000,000 watts in iraq

water heating

Water heating is the most efficient use of solar power, the efficiency is near 98% in some solar heater with minimum cost and area and installation effort

generating electricity from wind energy

Wind turbines produce energy continuously 24h in a day, that makes wind the best choice if there are enough strong wind in the area

from sun
From SUN
From sun
From wind